The Lore

The Beginning

The world of Vayless once had twin moons, Alcaynus and Nikctys. Alcaynus looked to be made of the purest silver where Nikctys a glassy onyx. The twin moons were gods of life and death some historians claim. Each with its own ancient champions. 


Elyantaus the Watcher on the Mount

Qualain the Ashriders Call.

Zeveresh the Closed Gate.

Azanthe the Plain of Stars.



Baphalomog the Waking Dream

Shaitenin the Hungering Void

Kaylamaphot the Dead yet Dying

Vexantalix-Salmok the Rotting Star


These forces fought fo eons and only ever reached a stalemate until Baphalomog broke his connection with Nikctys and sided with Alcaynus and his champions.  Through the combined might of the champions, Alcaynus ate his brother and left only a single silver moon in the sky.

100 Years Ago

Alcaynus' perfect gleam began to falter. It started small. A single black crack began to grow. This crack began to spiderweb out and grow in size. They say that with Nikctys showing through his brother's skin, Baphalomog became nervous and slowly began to retreat from the world out of fear of Nikctys' wrath over his betrayal.

1 Week Ago

A sudden and unforseen eclipse blackened Alcaynus. The eclipse lasted but an hour. As it receded nearly half of Alcaynus' silver surface was replaced with a glossy black. Nikctys' return is near and Alcaynus appears to be in his final days…

The Lore

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